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5 Ways to promote #VisitGeoriga (Part-1)

Dear friends, it is a great moment in our history that we are all working shoulder to shoulder to bring about a cultural revolution in Georgia.
#VisitGeorgia is a movement which will help Georgia mark its presence at the global stage.

We all want people from around the world to visit our country and explore it as guests.

We need not only visitors, but people who are willing to put their story of Georgia out and into the world. Visitors will come and go, therefore we need people to gain a connection with Georgia.

We are seeing many Facebook posts with the #VisitGeorgia tags, with people sharing pretty videos and attractive images of the Georgian landscape.

Despite the enthusiasm for those posting, the unfortunate truth is that it is mostly Georgians posting pictures in groups composed of Georgians. Furthermore, there is little actual information about the locations that are being shared. It is like “putting all our eggs in a single basket”, as one of my Georgian friends has wisely remarked. We keep posting and sharing these messages with our Georgian friends only. This won’t make a big impact in the long run.
Here are some suggestions which we can do to promote Brand Georgia around the world.

Here is the first suggestion which will help us to promote Brand Georgia around the world.

The purpose of the #VisitGeorgia campaign is to attract more and more people to Georgia.

We don’t want a one-time tourist to come over here, take some pics and go back to his or her country.

We need people to create an attachment to Georgia.

The Georgian language has such an ability to make this connection possible.

Basic knowledge of Georgian will surely be enough to give guests an amazing experience in Georgia.

In this way, a guest can begin to become part of the ქართლი ერი kartuli eri (Georgian nation) once he or she begins to interact with locals in their own language.

After all, when one speaks to someone, they converse with their brains, but when one speaks to someone in their native language, they speak with their hearts.

Therefore our first and foremost approach here is to spread awareness about the Georgian language to our non-Georgian friends.

Thankfully, in today’s age of the internet, learning about a new language is easier than ever, which is why we have recommend some places to begin.

** Here are some suggestions from us by which you can spread the knowledge of Georgian Language among non-Georgian people.

– First step is to get to know about Georgian Alphabet. In this video all the Georgian Alphabet have been taught very nicely.  A person can learn Georgian Alphabet by watching this video.

The book “Beginner’s Georgian” published by Hippocrene Books and authored by Dodona Kizeria is a great place. Also, Visiting-Georgia’s youtube channel will continue publishing videos on essential Georgian phrases and vocabulary.

there are some useful Websites , Facebook pages and some Books which can help in learning Georgian language.

Speak Georgian Phrasebook is very helpful in learning Georgian Language.

Then there are some groups on Facebook which one can join and get regular guidance from group members. ( Georgian Language Facebook Group )

There are some professional translation service providers also who can help as an interpreter between Georgian and Non-Georgian persons. ( Our own translator is Anna Kozhoridze. She offers translation service from English into Georgian and vice versa. You can contact her at her mail id : )

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