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Ali and Nino – a Statue of Love

Ali and Nino statue Batumi Georgia

Love stories end tragically most of the time. As Romeo and Juliet are fictional characters of a play, there also exists a fictional couple in Caucasian Literature whose love met with a tragic fate.

I am talking about the love story of Ali and Nino.

Ali and Nino” is a book written by Kurban Said, a writer whose own identity is mysterious. There are many controversies about the real name of the writer. Some people identify him as Lev Nussimbaum who wrote under the pen name of “Essad Bey”.

Whatever may be the real name of the author, the story itself is a masterpiece and on a same level with other well acclaimed classics of that era.

It is the story of love between a Muslim boy Ali and a Christian girl Nino.

They were childhood lovers and their love ended up in a separation due to Soviet invasion.

Their love story sends a message to the world that how physical separation is powerless when souls of two persons are united with love.

Their brief moments of togetherness and everlasting separation are the core theme behind the sculpture “The Statue of Love” in Batumi.

It is the creation of Georgian sculptor Tamara Kvesitadze.

An irony here is that in the story ‘Tamar’ is the name of Ali and Nino’s daughter.

This statue is an engineering marvel too. Every day at 7 p.m. the statue begins to move and two figures merge into each other before leaving each other behind.

Although the story is set against the background of Azerbaijan, it is here in Georgia the statue is having an ideal place.

As Georgia is the land where the greatest epic of love “The Knight in the Tiger’s Skin” is written, it is an apt place for a monument which spreads the message of divine love.

The statue, which glows through the eternal love of two passionate hearts, will remind us forever the glory of Ali and Nino’s love !!!

and here is a comic song ( “who was Essad Bey?” ) ,at the start of this following video, based upon the mysterious life of Kurban Said alias Essad Bey.


Cover Image by : Visiting-Georgia



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