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Slovakia – A Dreamland

tatras mountain slovakia

Last time we talked about Bratislava in our Blog. Now let us move forward and have a passing glimpse of other interesting places of Slovakia.


It is the world famous spa town known for its mineral springs and mud baths. These have remarkable therapeutic effects on Locomotion Apparatus Disorder.

Čachtice Castle

Image courtesy : PIXABAY

Once a royal castle, built in 13th century, there remains today ruins of it near the vilaage Cachtice.

It was the residence of notorious serial-killer Countess Elizabeth Bathory.

She is supposed to have killed 600 young girls just to get an eternal youth by bathing in their blood.

Trenčín Castle

The castle is located in the town of Trencin. It was the royal castle which was an important fort against Turkish attacks.

Though the castle was owned successively by different families, hardly anyone is remembered today as Matus Cak is.

He was a great leader in Slovakian History.

There is a legend attached to the castle well. The 80m deep well was dug by one Turkish prince Omar. Omar’s love interest princess Fatima was captured by the lord of the castle.

To set her free Omar was ordered that he should dig a well. It took him nearly 4 years to extract water from this rocky soil. Finally lovers got united with blessings from the lord.

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Cicmany Log House (courtesy : PIXABAY )

A beautiful village known for its typical log houses with white geometrical decorations.

It is a reserve of folk architecture with its 136 houses.

Orava Castle

This beautiful castle is situated in the northern Orava region. It was built in 13th century.

It was a fortress before being converted into a museum after the fire of 1800

Wooden Church of Hronsek

Hronsek Wooden Church
Hronsek Wooden Church (courtesy : Wikemedia )

One more architectural marvel is this wooden articular church of Hronsek.

There are seven other wooden churches in Slovakia. All these churches have been declared heritage sites by UNESCO

High Tatras : the Spirit of Slovakia

High Tatras are a mountain range in northern parts of Slovakia.

The majestic peaks and crystal lakes surrounding the mountains attract the adventurous person and person in search of serenity alike.

Ice caves of Dobšinská and Demänovská

These ice caves, now a UNESCO World Heritage sites, are having a great attraction for tourists.

Detva : a Slovakian gem

detva village
A Cross at Detva village. Courtesy ( PIXABAY)

This is a village with its reach tradition in folklore and folk music along with colorful hand embroidery works.

The Detvan music is such a lively tune that Liszt and Brahms drew inspiration from it for their Hungarian Rhapsodies and Hungarian Dances.

It would be an incomplete story of Detva without its famous character who has become a legend.

Statue of Juraj Janosik, Trechnova
*pic courtesy :By Pudelek (Marcin Szala) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, ( Wikimedia commons )

Juraj Janosik was the Robin Hood of Slovakia, a famous robber and a defender of the poor.
There stands a statue of him near village Terchova in northern Slovakia

So friends, this was our virtual tour through the dreamland of Slovakia.

I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Don’t forget to write your reviews below in the “Comments" section.

We will meet soon.


Mariam Bughadze

*special thanks to Mr Ravi for doing research work for this blog post.

*Cover Image–Tatras Mountains Landscape ( courtesy : PIXABAY)

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