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Hello friends,

I am Mariam Bughadze. Welcome to my art world. I am a violinist from Georgia. Art in different forms fascinates me. Though music is an important form of expression, I like to express my creativity through hand crafted art products. Colors and shapes give me so much joy, I like to make art pieces which I can carry around with me all the time. Sometimes a small pendant is what one needs to express feelings or convey a message. My wish is to provide art-works to my fellow art lovers that they can wear or gift to friends for keepsakes.

It all started a few years ago on a trip to the sea-shore. Some beautiful seashells caught my attention. I collected them and made my first handmade necklace with them. I was overjoyed to have my own necklace. We feel a special connection with art pieces like this. Since then, I have been making handmade pendants, earrings, and necklaces.

Sometimes, I try to imitate and capture some masterpiece on a small pendant. Everyone has his own preferences, and I try to give my best to make an art piece that will satisfy their taste.

So, my fellow art lovers and artists, explore my art page. I hope you will find something that captures your imagination. If you don’t see the perfect pendant for you, do tell me. Together, we will create your own personal masterpiece.