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Children’s Art Gallery ( “Friendship”)

Here are drawings prepared by our young artist friends from Georgia and India. They have created colorful images based on “Friendship" theme using their imagination.

We are also very thankful to our friend Katerina Kourteli for selecting the 3 winners of this competition.  Katerina is herself a distinguished artist from Greece and we are very delighted to have her as our creative team member in this initiative.

(** this was an event where our main aim was to encourage kids to create colorful images and for us they all are winners in their own way. Still, we had to choose 3 prize winners. So we have chosen 3 best paintings and the winners will be given

a prize certificate and an ebook by Tamar Patarava. The rest will be given a certificate of participation. )

Mariam Patarava (10), Georgia

Anna Patarava (5), Georgia

Hail Purohit (11), India

Bhavy Thakkar (8), India

Nino Sadunishvili (9) , Georgia

Shreya Thakkar (14), India

Jiya Thakkar (11), India

Anamaria (4), Georgia

Anamaria (4), Georgia

Zeel Patel (14), India

Preet Patel (10), India

A special artwork on Corona theme :

Madhura Saravade (12), India

Our esteemed friend

Katerina Kourteli
Artist and Illustrator
Katerina is an artist from Greece. She makes paintings based upon imaginative themes ; and her mastery is in incorporating poetry in artworks she creates.

** This gallery is created by

Tamar Patarava
Tamar is a writer from Tbilisi, Georgia. She is also a trained classical pianist.
Mariam Bughadze
Mariam is a violinist and a miniature artist from Georgia.

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