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The Vibe Diet

vibe diet image by GEM Visuals

The Vibe Diet


A Nutshell Ramble


Visual Art is Light Information- light which is literally in formation, or order. It may take form through any of the infinite arrangements of light waves within our tiny spectrum.

We receive this data; we digest our diet of various vibrations. We tune in by continuously reconfiguring ourselves physically, mentally etc. through frequencies of every kind and on every level.

GemVisuals aspires to promote the beautiful, harmonic reorganization of our being through stimulation by good ol’ light-vibration information: visual art.

Some of these images have been hand-crafted with clear inspiration while others just… happened onto a canvass via the subconscious influences of the moment.

All of them suggest a glimpse of simple harmony in relative chaos.




Bee Here Now


My narrow experience and interpretation present significant limitations to the information underneath.

Still, the undercurrent which manifested each of these visuals flows through us all.

We may live drastically different lives, but we all experience moments of being 100% up and 100% down.

These experiences with heaven-on-earth, living-hell and everything in between (aka life,) allow us perspective and appreciation. It is with respect for this inevitable balance that beauty is drawn from the “negative” as well as the “positive” aspects of our existence.

These extremes, though their directions are opposite one another, perpetuate life in one direction: onward.

To be void of vibration, to flatline, is to die___________________________

Some choice waves, however, provide vital supportive harmony in life.





*Grace E Mack (GEM) is a self taught visual artist and muralist from US. Fascination with very real physical effect of visuals in our lives has compelled her to work on larger and more public projects and murals, sending positive vibrations further into the world to remind us that there is something more than the mundane. 

You can visit her various social media links to explore her works further.






♥featured image : GEM Visuals


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