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5 Ways to promote #VisitGeoriga (Part-2)

Spread Useful Information about Tourist Services

There are so many tourists, but little information for them.

People keep uploading pictures of places. This can help in catching people’s attention, but it does little to actually get people to visit those places.

We can upload an image of Mt. Kazbegi on Facebook but we can’t make people feel the breath of fresh air at the top of it.

In the same vain, people know that Gori is the childhood hometown of Stalin, but know little else about it, and often never will because of a lack of available information.

For instance, Gori Walking Tour provides professional services in which they take you along on a walking tour around Gori.

This will help guests understand Gori’s history not only from an historical perspective, but also from a local one.

This type of authentic information will actually help them a lot to explore Georgia.

** here are some suggestions of useful websites and professional services

Visiting Georgia

This is a very informative website which makes Georgia accessible to all.

We recommend this website as a genuine source of helpful information about travel in Georgia.

Gori Free Walking Tour

Gori Free Walking Tour was designed to give travelers a chance to discover Gori from an alternative perspective.

Gori is mainly associated with Soviet Dictator Stalin (was born in Gori) and tourists visiting his museum get biased opinions as locals from Gori worship Stalin,which is not true.

With Gori Free Walking Tour I aim to promote tourism in Shida Kartli region, create social impact in my community, eventually overcome Stalin’s cult, empower local youth and offer a fulfilling experience for travelers.

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