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A Brief History of Betrayal (…by RUSSIA)

My nation Sakartvelo ( Georgia ) has been betrayed by oppressive Russia on many occasions.

This is a story of harassment of my beautiful nation by a brutal nation which lies at Northern side of my country and this nation is continuously trying to threaten the sovereignty of my country Georgia.

Here is the graphical and visual narration of those events in history when Russia betrayed Georgia by committing some shameful acts.

The original list is by ©Dachi Vardzelashvili and Translation is by ©Tornike Jandieri.

This is just an attempt to make people understand the darkest moments of Georgian History.

18th Century

1722-Forsaking Vakhtang VI to Ottomans

1770-Betrayal at war of Aspinza

1795-Treason in Krtsanisi war

19th Century

1801-Annex and deportation of Georgian royal family

1811-Abolition of autocephaly

1812-Putting down riot of Kakheti

1819-Putting down riot of Imereti

1841-Putting down riot of Guria

1856-Putting down riot of Samegrelo

1875-Destroyed village Khalde, murdered and deported Svaneti citizens to Siberia

1887-Murder of Dimitri Kipiani, churches are robbed and over painted by “same faith” and older “brother”. Forbidding use of Georgian language in schools, churches and courts.

Dimitri Kipiani

20th Century

1920-Annexation of Sochi

1921-Repeated annexation

1922-Putting down riot of Svaneti

1923-Death sentence of Kote Abkhazi

Kote Abkhazi

1923-Death sentence of Levan Razikashvili

1923-Exhuming bodies of David and Konstantine Mkheidze

Motsameta Monastery

Image courtesy :

1924-Putting down riot with brutal violence, 12,000 murdered in one week.

1924-Death sentence of Vaniko Jugheli

Valiko Jugheli

1925-Murder of Mikha Khelashvili

Mikha Khelashvili

image courtesy : BURUSI

In 1920s first half, Russians extracting private businesses for free from Georgians, such as restaurants, enterprises etc.

1937-Mikheil Javakhishvili

Mikheil Javakhishvili

1937-Sandro Akhmeteli

Sandro Akhmeteli

1937-Giorgi Mazniashvili, thanks to him we have Adjara as part of Georgia

Giorgi Mazniashvili

1937-Titsian Tabidze

Titsian Tabidze

1937-Evgeniy Mikeladze

Evgeniy Mikeladze

1937-Dimitri Shevardnadze

Dimitri Shvardnadze

1937-Vakhtang Kotetishvili

Artwork by Vakhtang Kotetishvili

Image courtesy : AGENDA.GE

1937-Nikolo Mitsishvili

Nikolo Mitsishvili

1937-Giorgi Eliava, microbiologist

Giorgi Eliava

1937-Besarion Chichinadze, architect of Zakhesi and Rionhesi

1941-1945 Russo-German war. 300,000 dead Georgians (10% of total population) even one bomb hadn't landed in Georgia !!!

1942-Death sentencing 17 members of patriotic organization, consisted of students

1951-Megrelians case (or Affair)

1956-9th March

1978-Abolition attempt of Georgian language

1984-Death sentenced “plane boys” and priest which haven’t been in the plane

1989-9th April

Read the full story HERE

1991-Organizing Putsch

1992-1993 -War of Abkhazia, 25,000 dead 300,000 deported

1998-Events of Gali

21st Century

2004-Conflicts in Samachablo

2008-War against Georgia in August

From 2008-present, crawling annexation

2018-Brutally killing Archil Tatunashvili

Archil Tatunashvili

Image courtesy : AGENDA.GE

Read the story HERE

On June 20, 2019 thousands of protester had gathered outside Georgian Parliament in Tbilisi and Police brutally cracked down upon them with rubber bullets and tear gas.

This is video which throws light upon the actual situation on that day.

Unfortunately it is not having English Subtitles ..

So many of you might not be able to understand it.

Dear Friends, we request you to share this post with all your friends so that people who are not aware of this history of oppression will be able to understand the reality of our situation in Georgia.

We request you to share it as much as possible so that people all over the world who believe in Democracy and Freedom will come forward in support of my country.

Let us all together make some change !!!!!

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