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Learn Georgian Language

Are you planning to visit Georgia?? and you want to learn Georgian language??


You are simply interested in this language and want to learn this unique language….

Then here is “Speak Georgian" Phrase Book™  which will help you in gaining a good command over Georgian language.

PHRASE BOOK SET (Phrase Book + Audio DVD)
RECOMMENDED FOR: – Self-study and reference – Tourists, visitors and anyone who just needs to communicate in Georgian – Beginning learners of the language – Those who need a refresher
– 40 easy-to-find conversational topics – Pronunciation in Latin characters – Georgian alphabet – Grammatical Appendix – Vocabulary Index – Emergency and other useful telephone numbers – Useful internet sites – List of sightseeing opportunities
– Download the application to your gadget (an android cell phone, a tablet. . .) and you can enjoy the Georgian-English phrasebook with audio. – Order the file on the email.
Russian-Georgian Phrasebook

About the Author

Khatuna Gelashvili
I am Khatuna Gelashvili, a qualified teacher of Georgian and English as second languages. I have been teaching Georgian as a second language for 15 years and English for 25 years. I have taught Georgian at the US embassy, Tbilisi (Survival Georgian Course for 8 years), Peace Corps, Swiss Cooperation Office, European Union, Transparent, etc. also, privately, I have been teaching Georgian live and online.

As a material designer, I have produced:

  • an English-Georgian phrase-book with CDs/tapes,
  • the game “Scrabble” in Georgian,
  • a lot of handouts on multiple grammatical and lexical topics,flashcards
  • 7 Georgian language videos and 2 cultural ones for Transparent

Currently I’m working on a new text-book “Practical Georgian” with audios and videos, a text-book for English-speaking beginners, which is going to be very different from any other language text-books.

I hope you will enjoy my materials and services.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me.

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