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Customized Product

Customized Products are the products which are made by Mariam Bughadze on special order from clients.

These products are made according to the demand of a client. We can generally make pendants, necklaces , guitar-covers and so on as per a client’s choice.

If you want to get an image recreated on a pendant then you just have to send us that image and we will make a pendant with that image on it.

Here , you just have to share with us an idea and we will try our best to make an artwork based upon that idea.

Some examples of “Customized Products” we have made….

A Dental Keychain- a gift for a dentist

A client desired to have her favorite image on a pendant and we made this…

A gift from a brother to his guitar-lover sister…

So if you have an Idea for an art-work you want then contact us (email : .

We will try our best to fulfill your demands and give you an art-product of your choice.

Prices for “Customized Products” may vary and it depends upon the type of art-product you want.

Feel free to contact us if you have any query regarding “Customized Products”. We are always ready to help you in getting you an art-work of your own choice…