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How to Buy

Welcome friends to Mariam’s Art World. Here you can explore art-products made by Mariam Bughadze.

Now it is easier for you to buy an artwork by Mariam from anywhere in the world.

Wherever you are, you just have to follow these 4 simple steps to get an art-product by Mariam delivered to your address.

NOTE: * this is for Mariam’s Art Products only. For buying products from other Artists you can directly contact them

Select from the wide range of products we have put on display



Once you have decided to Buy a product ( or to order a CUSTOMIZED PRODUCT) , you have to contact us for getting the Quotation of Total Amount you have to pay.

Total Amount = Product Price + Shipping Cost*

*we prefer standard International courier services which provide “Tracking Number” through which we can track the parcel.

In Georgia, it might take around a week for parcel delivery. For International courier , it usually takes around one or two weeks.

You can pay through Bank or PayPal.


-Clients from Georgia :

You can ask for our Bank Account details and make payment directly.

-Clients from Abroad :

You can transfer money through your Bank via “ SWIFT transaction” .

For this you will require specific details (Bank Name, Account Number, SWIFT code, Intermediary Bank details,etc.). We will give you all the details for this SWIFT transaction.

Payment through PayPal :

Clients from Georgia or Abroad can also pay through PayPal. We can give you a PayPal link for payment.

After the payment procedure has been completed and money transferred to our account, we will give you a confirmation of it.

Then immediately we will start the procedure of sending the parcel through a standard courier service.

We will give you a “Tracking Number” of your parcel through which you can track your parcel along its way to your address.