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I am Mariam Bughadze. I am a violinist from Georgia. I am studying at Liszt Academy, Budapest.

Since the age of 3, I have been learning violin playing and this journey still continues today. It has taken me to some of the beautiful cities of the world like Budapest, Bratislava, Warsaw , Prague and so on..

I enjoy this learning process and though sometimes it becomes a bit challenging, I still have great fun doing all of it.

People say that music is a way of expressing emotions which words fail to convey.

I don’t agree with this…

I feel that sound of music acts upon a different plane.

It’s not just a matter of expression only. What a listener feels, and the emotional responses evoked, are the most significant aspects of musical performance.

Some tunes having such an uplifting power, they provide a healing touch to our troubled minds, while others stir emotions in our hearts which are deep seated and otherwise unknown to us.

This is the power of music and especially of classical music.

My mission is to spread awareness about classical music which is rich with soulful melodies.

Here, on this musical platform I will work to regularly provide something inspiring refreshing which will delight the listeners.

This will take the form of videos, commentary and web links I will post so music lovers can enjoy reading interesting things about music.

My country Georgia has a number of musical talents in whom our rich artistic heritage is reflected. My wish is to put interesting displays and perspectives of Georgian music before the music loving audience.

This platform is not just a record of my musical journey, instead I want to make it a community. All of you are welcome here who have vested interests in music and musicology.

If you are a musician then I would love you to share your music performance videos here.

If you are a blogger who writes about music then you are most welcome to be a Guest Blogger at my website.

If you are just a music loving person, then this is the landing place where we will put music related information and performances that will suite your taste.

So, friends, let’s create a musical community together and fill our lives with the beauty and magic that music brings into the world.

Please write me if you have suggestions for making this platform better.

– Mariam Bughadze


*images of Mariam Bughadze used in this website are captured by Tetiana Malykh