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An Appeal to Dear Indians

Hello friends !!!

I am Dr Ravi Desai from India. I am a dentist from Gujarat. Today I have a special appeal to all my Indian friends out there studying in Georgia.

Dear friends, you have got the best opportunity to live and study in a country who is famous for its natural beauty and above all the hospitality of its people toward foreigners like us.

Before I tell you what the appeal is about I want to show you the background of my appeal.

This is a real story. I would call it “An Indomitable Spirit".

Here it is… 

An Indomitable Spirit

This is the story of our musician friend Mariam Bughadze. 

Mariam is a violinst from Georgia. Her hometown is Khashuri. 

Since the early childhood (age of 3) she started learning Violin and has been learning it at the age of 21 at Liszt Academy, Budapest. 

Mariam Bughadze
Mariam ( 3 years old)

But between these two stages there is a long period of constant struggle and challenges. 

She has overcome all of them with a smile on her face and a deep faith in dear God almighty. 

All these years she was learning violin, she could not buy a quality violin for her own.

Mariam Bughdadze
Mariam ( at Budapest )

PIC courtesy : Malykh Tetiana Photo

Currently when she is at Budapest, she is using a violin which her kind friend lent to her 2 years ago. 

Now it is a high time she had her own violin.

Mariam tried very hard to raise enough money through selling her handmade artworks. Still it is not enough. 

She has decided to raise money through donation from generous people around the world.

I call it an Indomitable Spirit because when I think about the time of her struggle and all those years without having her own instrument to practice music, I ,who has lived a relatively comfortable life, feel ashamed of myself.

Most of us always complain to our parents for not giving us expensive gadgets or not paying for us the tuition fees in premier institutes. 

While we have passed our school life with a relative ease, students like Mariam have struggled very hard to pursue their dreams. 

But friends it is never too late. 

Although we cannot wipe her tears from the past, we can do something which will bring back a smile and a hope on her face.

I appeal all of you my fellow Indians to donate to Mariam for raising money to buy a Violin.

You do not have to donate a big amount individually. In fact a small amount like 1€ from each of you would be enough to raise a considerable sum collectively.

Why You Should Do This????

Dear friends, I am sure that you all will pass with good score your final exams and then leave for India after completion of studies.

I request you to make a bit difference.

Instead of simply leaving Georgia, do something which will remain here forever and which will put behind great memories.

You are not just helping a Georgian girl to get her a violin. 

You are creating a long lasting impression of our own country India. You are like our cultural brand ambassadors there and if you help in a nice cause like this, I am sure there will be a strong tie between cultures of India and Georgia through your kind efforts.

A little help from you will go a long way!!!

How You Can Donate ??

There are 2 ways to do this

1. Buy an Artwork from her art page

this is her art page from which you can buy a handmade artwork by Mariam. 

Select any of the art product from this page and contact directly there on this facebook page or at

2. Donate Directly to Mariam

This is a very simple task.

First of all you can spread the message among your fellow Indian students studying at your University with you.

Then you can choose one person among yourselves who will be your representative. 

This representative has to collect the donation money from your group.

Each person can donate whatever amount he/she wants to donate. 

Again I would like to add that it is not how much you give that matters, the feelings with which you donate is important.

You can donate at least 1€ for this cause.

Once the money is collected by the representative, he/she has to contact any one of the following contacts :

Mariam Bughadze

email :


contact directly at her facebook music page :

There are two other ways to donate directly to Mariam's account.

1. donate money individually directly to her bank account

  for this you just have to ask for her bank details at this mail id :


2. Donate through this crowdfunding website.

Fundraising with GoGetFunding

Dear Friends , this is just a request from my side. A noble cause which we all should try to be a part of. 

This is not a compulsory thing and I do not want to compel you to do this. 

I just request you to think about this for yourselves and then take your own decision.

If you feel that we are working for a proper cause then do spread this link to your other Indian friends studying in Georgia.

Together we all can make a difference.

Goodbye friends.

For further information write to us

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