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Gems of Indian Classical Music

indian classical music Mariam Bughadze violinist

“I think that European music belongs to the daytime. It is a medley of quick harmonies including melodious and discordant motes, pieces and wholes. The night belongs to Indian Classical music, a pure , somber and unalloyed raga. Although they have opposite characteristics, both move us. “

– Rabindranath Tagore

Indian Classical Music is often an unexplored territory. It is such an amusing experience to listen to some Indian Classical Music pieces played by some maestros of this wonderful tradition.

So here is the first Musical piece which will dispel the gloom and make us joyful to be inspired to welcome a new beginning.

Then here is one another piece from Indian Sitar Player Pt(Pandit) Nikhil Banerjee. This is redolent of vast Indian landscape and its peaceful village life.

How one should accept what is one’s Dharma(Duty) and do it faithfully is what this music spreads the message of.

Then there is this majestic Indian mountain range of Himalayas. A landscape which will fill your heart with sheer joy by gazing at the snow clad peaks of Himalayan mountains.

You will feel a connection with supreme being in these enchanting surroundings.

This is the musical piece which will give you the feel of being there in those awe-inspiring regions of Himalayas.

Then there is this refreshing rainy season in Indian continent. When the Indian planes are scorched with extreme heat in the months of April-June, people awaits with eager eyes the arrival of Indian Summer Monsoon.

As the first shower of raindrops occurs, the soul dances to the tunes of Monsoon Ragas.

Here is the music which captures the joy felt by millions of Indians during the Monsoon season there

so friends, this was just a glimpse of some beautiful aspects of Indian Classical Music.

There are many more pieces of this genre which are a delight to a connoisseur of Classical Music.

Explore it further if you liked these videos.

Share your own favorite musical tunes from the Indian Classical Music in the “Comments" section below.

– Admin

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