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Breathtaking Bratislava

Bratislava travel blog by Mariam Bughadze

So, here I am back again with a new city which offers much needed solitude to anyone who seeks comfort from hubbub of a crowded city.

For many of us walking down the streets of a city gives us an ultimate pleasure: enjoying the company of yourself.

You pass by different places one by one and imbibe the beauty of them along with making a mental note in order to recollect them later and again feel the thrill of seeing them for the first time.

The best cities are those that can be covered by walking without getting tired.

Such is the city of Bratislava.

Previously known as Pressburg, Bratislava is the only European city which shares borders with 2 countries.

Its earliest historical event dates back to 10th century when King Árpád of Hungary defeated Louis IV at the Battle of Pressburg and expanded his Hungarian empire.

Later in 16th century again Bratislava became a temporary Hungarian capital after the Battle of Mohacs.

All these events account for the considerable number of people with Hungarian ethnicity still living in this Slovak capital.

Let’s take a short walk and see some of its memorable places.

Bratislava Castle

Sigismund Gate, Bratislava Castle
Sigismund Gate , Bratislava Castle
Bratislava Castle Gate
Bratislava Castle Gate

This is the iconic monument of Bratislava’s history. Its origin dates back to 3500 BC. It is home to 2 different museums.

Primate’s Palace

The Hall of Mirrors in this palace is where Napoleon and Austrian Emperor Franz I signed the Peace of Pressburg.

St George Statue, Primate's Palace
St George Statue (Primate’s Palace)

I was thrilled when I saw a statue of St George (patron saint of my country, Georgia) in the courtyard of this palace.

Bratislava Statues

There are some exquisite statues scattered around the city which are a big draw for tourists

  • Cumil 

Cumil , the watcher

It is the very famous and heavily photographed statue. It means “the watcher” in Slovak language. A rumor attached with it says that he is a communist era worker who is taking a rest after some work. Legend has it that if one touches his head and makes a wish then the wish gets fulfilled. The only condition is that one should keep that wish a secret.

  • Schone Naci

Bratislava Statue Schone Naci
Schone Naci

This statue of an old man is the only one which is made of silver. It is a statue of a person named Ignac Lamar who lived in Bratislava. He loved a girl but the girl did not love him. He went mad and spent his days roaming the streets and giving flowers to ladies.

St Michael’s Gate and Tower

St Michael's Gate and Tower Bratislava
St Michael’s Gate

This is a medieval gateway built in 14th century with a military museum and a tower which offers a splendid view of Old Town.

Golden Compass ( Zero Kilometer plate)

Golden Compass, St Michael's tower Bratislava
Golden Compass

A bronze plate is there inlaid on the street which passes through Michael’s Gate. It shows the distances and directions of various international cities from Bratislava.

St Martin’s Cathedral

St Martin's Cathedral, Bratislava
St Martin’s Cathedral

This is a wonderful Gothic cathedral which served as the coronation church for Hungarian Kings and Queens.

Blue Church (the Church of St Elizabeth)

Blue Church of St Elizabeth Bratislava
Blue Church of St Elizabeth

This church in Old Town was consecrated to Elizabeth of Hungary. It is known as Blue Church because of its blue color mosaics, facade, majolicas and blue-glazed roof.

General Milan Rastislav Stefanik Statue

General Milan Rastislav Statue Bratislava
Gn. Milan Rastislav Statue

A statue commemorating the great personality of Slovakian history. It stands on the banks of river Danube close to Eurovea shopping center.


Slavin WWII memorial Bratislava
Slavin WWII memorial in Bratislava
Slavín (another view)

This war memorial was built in the memory of soldiers who died liberating Slovakia from the German occupation. It sits on a site which offers a grand view of Bratislava from its place over a hill.

a view of Bratislava from Slavín
a view of Bratislava from Slavín

Roland’s Fountain

Roland's Fountain Bratislava
Roland’s Fountain

It is also known as Maximilian’s Fountain as it was financed by Hungarian King Maximilian II.  The legend attached to this fountain is that the Knight Roland, standing atop the fountain, comes to life on Good Friday. He waves his sword (Durandal) in all the four directions. But he can be seen only by born-and-bred citizens of Bratislava and those with pure hearts.


♥ some more pics of Bratislava :

Slovak National Museum Bratislava
Slovak National Museum
Slovak National Theater
Slovak National Theater
Old Town Hall Bratislava
Old Town Hall
Presidential (Grassalkovich) Palace Bratislava
Presidential Palace (Grassalkovich Palace)
UFO desk Novy Most Bratislava
UFO desk at Novy most (New Bridge)


So here ends my thrilling journey through the city of Bratislava.

I hope you too enjoyed the journey!!!

Write your reviews below in the “Comments” section.

And do “share” it with your friends who are about to visit Bratislava in upcoming days..


See You Soon.




*special thanks to Mr Jim Landwehr for helping us in editing this Blog. He is an author from US and you can explore his works here at his Blog (click HERE) and at his Website (click HERE)

*we are also thankful to Mr Ravi for doing some research work for this Blog.



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