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8 interesting places of Czech Republic other than Prague which you might not have known before!!!

Czech Republic is not just some scenic and historical places of Prague only. There are many others which are equal in grandeur and abounding with natural beauty.

Though I could not visit them in my short journey, I would love to share their details here which i have tried to gather by exploring various sources.


1.Kutná Hora 

It is an old mining town enclosing the Italian Court (Vlašský dvůr), a palace named after the Italian Minting experts who were housed here.

Nearby there is St Barbara’s Church (click here, click here)a church of the patron saint of miners


2.Chapel of Bones (click here )

In a village of Sedlec there stands this curious monument. A grim looking chapel made up entirely of human bones. One can’t decide whether to praise its architectural excellence or to be revolted at the sight where a mass of human skulls is put on display alongside one passage of this place.


Czech Republic is famous for Beer production and this town is a famous for its breweries. You can also visit the Church of St Bartholomew (click here)


4.Konopiště Castle (click here)

This castle at Konopiste is the place where Francis Ferdinand stayed before his final journey to Sarajevo. (He was later shot in Sarajefo triggering World War I). He owned this property and spent his leisure time here hunting and tending the royal residence

5.České Budějovice

Is another Brewing town built in 1256. Since then there has been a continuous beer production on an industrial scale here. Premysla Otakara II Square (click here),located here,is the largest European market square.



A stone bridge (click here)across the river Otava is the second oldest bridge in Czech province.


7.Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně

These are two famous places for hot water springs where tourists around the world pay a visit to get cured of various illnesses,  or simply just to enjoy  leisure time drinking and bathing in water rich with minerals.


Karlovy Vary (previously known as Carlsbad or Charles’ Bath) was founded by King Charles IV in 1347.

Legend has it that when this king was on his hunting expedition, he accidentally discovered this spring while following a chamois (deer) which leaped into the spring from a rock . On the site, there stands a statue of jumping deer in the memory of that event.(click here)


8.Brno (Moravia)

here is a Fortress used by Napoleon as his military headquarter during the Battle of Austerlitz. The great emperor defeated combined forces of Russia and Moravia in this battle. There stands a memorial on a nearby hill commemorating that victory. (click here)


So, thus ends our virtual tour in Czech Republic. I hope i could provide you some interesting info here. 

You can write your reviews in the Comments section below.

See you soon 


Mariam Bughadze


*special thanks to Mr Jim Landwehr for helping us with editing and making the article in a presentable form. He is an author from US. (contact info : Website, Blog)

*we also would like to thank Mr Ravi for doing research work for this topic.


** References 

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